Thursday, November 16, 2006

Conspiracy of September 11 2001

Evidence has recently surfaced that shakes the foundation of American, and subsequently global society to the core. The unfortunate implications of this are mind numbing and absolutely tragic.

Through the study of history, we view certain societies such as the Soviet Union, that was ruled by autocrats, and whose population had been completely uninformed about important events, as ignorant and gullible. The Soviet Space program had numerous disasters, leading to the loss of dozens of lives, yet, the general Soviet populace, and the rest of the world for that matter were oblivious. Another example would be the German invasion of Poland during World War II. The German Populace had been told that the Soviets had pushed through into Poland, planning to invade Germany, thus thinking that the invasion of Poland by the Nazi regime was a move for defense.

Thanks in large part to the shock that Americans and the world experienced after September 11th, the Bush Regime (along with the probably likelihood of either the CIA, FBI, or more likely both) perpetuated a state of fear, and through the fog of anxiety, managed to reduce our civil liberties to tatters. The Constitution itself was circumvented and reinterpreted leading to the American Public's bond with that of the Soviet and Nazi regime's populace.

The Evidence, that has yet to be criticized of methodology, is the metallurgical analysis of the steel from the World Trade Center. A professor from the conservative University of Brigham Young named Steven Jones has released a paper titled "Why indeed did the World Trade Center Collapse". In it, he sites dozens of experiments with Aluminothermic reactions, with the conclusion that the collapse of the World Trade Center was a result of a controlled demolition from a powerful explosive reaction of Aluminum powder and A type of rust known as (Ferrous Ferric Iron Oxide). When Aluminum powder and a specific type of Rust combine, an explosive called Thermite is formed. Thermite is an amazing material. If the powder and rust grains are coarse, then the reaction is slow, when the materials are extremely fine, then the reaction is very powerful and explosive. A small amount of Thermite goes a very long way in destructive capabilities. Not only were there significant traces of Thermite found at the World Trade Center site, but some residue present pointed to a specific type of Thermite called Thermate. Thermate is a military grade explosive, that's composed roughly of 69% Thermite, 28% Barium Nitrate (increases the explosive power of the Thermite Reaction) and about 3% sulfur (increases the heat of the reaction) with some small traces of Binder to hold it all together. It's frequently used in incendiary grenades, and due to the ubiquitous amount of the needed chemicals, it's cheap to produce. Some of the residue mentioned includes sulfur as well as other compounds that cannot account for any other processes besides a powerful Aluminothermic reaction.

A quick summary of the events on September 11th can reveal a great deal about the speed of the reaction and the possible amount of Thermite used. A good place to start would be to visit and find a comprehensive timeline of the WTC events.
Looking at the events, it's absolutely known that the first plane (American Airlines Flight 77) crashed into the North Tower at 8:46 AM, followed by the Second Plane (United Airlines Flight 175) hitting the South Tower at 9:03 AM.
The first tower to collapse was the South Tower at 9:59 AM, followed by the North at 10:28 AM. This information results in the fact that it took Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes for the North Tower to collapse, and about 1 hour for the South. The time in between that's been attributed to the steel burning and buckling under the intense heat would have actually been caused by the Thermite reaction in the structural steel supports in the center of the buildings. The remnants had been smoking and smoldering for weeks after the collapse, and many workers at the site document still molten pools of steel at the center.
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Many of the events surrounding September 11 2001 can be argued, but when objective analysis leads to results that stray from the "official report", then one must wonder just how much of the truth the public knows. Speculation is naturally rampant, when the facts point one way, the official line points another, and the outcome is the loss of freedom. Without skepticism and speculation, we will become a closed society. The government has become so opaque, that it's vast functions have become a mystery. The transparent government of a true democracy cannot falter, because the populace will be aware of its shortfalls. A closed and opaque government, on the other hand, owes its allegiance to nothing but greed, corruption, and the perpetuation of such ills.

Break the shackles of restraint, and appreciate freedom for all it's worth. The freedom of thought should never become a crime. Think freely, be skeptical, and realize that what happened in the past, will happen again. Embrace knowledge and attempt to unravel the truth. These are the only methods of defeating a monsterous and vile entity known as Tyranny.


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Hey dude, great post... We are now witnessing the last modern Empire about to collapse unless a revolution happens awakening the masses from its infotrance courtesy of the Media Pravda also known as the News Corporation.


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