Friday, November 10, 2006

Change in Politics -- Status Quo Remains

Regardless of the shift in the political climate within the United States, the American Position in the world is still as troubled as it can possibly be. The Damage that the Current Administration, along with Congress has already done to this point, cannot be untangled in a few years, much less a decade. The unfortunate thing is that the damage has been ongoing for over 50 years now, because the United States, against its own constitution, does not owe its allegiance to Americans. America, whether it's Republican or Democrat, rich or poor, subconsciously supports the Israeli regime. It's not some grand conspiracy on the part of Jews, or some imaginative source, but rooted in Christianity and the Bible.

Most people who are raised in a Christian environment, whether it be direct (as in Evangelicals), or indirect (as in Secular Europe), own a wealth of repository knowledge to the Bible. One cannot escape from the Bible, merely because they are non-practicing. The stories of the Bible interject with popular culture throughout all Christian societies. Noah's ark for example, even in highly secular circles, is well known. The story of Adam and Eve, in fact, is so well known that even evolutionary scientists must adopt the names to apply them to the genetic ancestors of modern human beings. Mitochondrial Eve, or the Y-Chromosome Adam, exist because the Bible has interjected and rooted itself so deeply in culture, that even science, as secular and rational as it can be, cannot escape from using names and stories to make principles easier to understand. Why not use Ancestral Mitochondrial Female, or Ancestral Y-Chromosome Adam instead? The truth is that fewer people would show interest because those scientifically descriptive names would not evoke the emotional responses that Adam and Eve can.

The Bible is in fact, the mythological legends, histories, and stories of people in the Middle East. The Jews of the Bible owe a lot of their stories to Mesopotamian Legends. Noah's Ark, although popularly attributed to the Bible, actually existed in many different stories recounted from Ancient Sumerian Legend. Those stories were borrowed, compiled, retold, and evolved through numerous conceptualizations until they were recast as the Bible we know today. The Hebrews, Israelites, and general Jews that make up the Bible by proportion are the root basis of Modern day Christianity (which in fact existed in Egypt predating Judaism...but that's another blog). Therefore, in most people who come from a Christian culture (whether secular or not), there's a small soft spot for Judaism. By criticizing the State of Israel today, most Christians feel that they're doing a disservice to their own religion. What people must realize however, is that the Jews of the Bible are generally not the flesh and blood Jews of Today. Judaism is ultimately a religion, not an ethnic group. Like all religions, it's a philosophy, a form of belief, an "-ism" if you will. One could be ethnically Chinese, African, South American, Indian, or any ethnic group, but as long as they follow the rules and customs, they could become Christian, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, or any of the religions. Just as there are blonde and blue eyed Muslims in Albania, along with fair haired Muslim Converts in the UK, there are also Asian and African Jews, such as in Singapore and Ethiopia respectively.

The Jews of today, who are claiming Israel as their own are not ethnically related to the Jews of the Bible. The dirty little Secret is that the Palestinians and Israeli Arabs are more closely related to the Jews of the Bible then the Eastern and Southern European Jews. The Eastern European Jews known as Ashkenazi have brought with them ideologies and values that are reflected in European culture (such as socialism, fascism, communism), and have used those tactics to brutally control and oppress the Palestinians. These people are Ethnically European, having very little genetic relations with ancient Canaanites (the ethnic group that once occupied what's called Israel, Palestine, and Southern Lebanon of today). Yet, they claim the land as theirs, and with a brutal military force, backed by the military and financial might of the United States, enforce their own brand and rule of law in the region.

Now, these militant Israeli's, who would rather prefer other's to do their dirty work for them (such as the United States did with Saddam Hussein's regime), continue goading Iran into war. They Instigate Iran into reacting and then Instigate the United States into Responding, thus destabilizing the region and leaving discontent in their wake. The proof of this is in a recent news article

Naturally, if Israel, as a leading politician claims, will attack Iran for "preventative measures", then the United States will have to support this decision. More soldiers will have to die to feed the Israeli-American War Machine, and fascism will survive into the next decade. The constant threats, instigations, acquisition of land and "pre-emptive warfare" philosophies help perpetuate this Fascist Doctrine. The American Government will continue being subservient to Israel, regardless of a Republican or Democrat controlled agenda, because open criticism relates to political death. In the "land of the free, and home of the brave" any person who attempts to openly criticize Israel over it's policy against Palestinians, it's reaction against Lebanon, the continued threats on Iran, will be severely punished. Money is the driving force of politicians, and those who control money, mainly those Sympathetic to the Israeli cause, are those that control policies and politics. The General Public on the other hand is lead to believe that criticizing Israel is un-Christian and should not even be thought. It has reached a point where even thinking about the power that these groups with Israeli Sympathies have should be illegal.

The problems that arise throughout the world aren't just related to the Bible alone. Even the Koran has influence over how cultures think of the Middle East. The stories and legends in the Koran are based on the Arabic culture of Mohammed's time. At the time, Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and many other wide-spread beliefs were vying for control. It just happened that Muhammad created something that lead to what we now know as Islam. Just as American's generally don't criticize Israel, many Muslim Asian countries conversely don't criticize Saudi Arabia. Indonesia for example, will always hold a soft spot for Saudi Arabia, because that's where Mecca and Medina are (the core of Islamic Culture).

Ultimately, with all these measures of control over how one must react, there is an escape route. There is always a way out of such strict and confining thought, and that is Reason.
Reason is the life raft in the middle of the ocean; it will provide a mode of survival and navigation through charted and uncharted areas of thought and philosophy.
Reason will develop naturally, once the ideals that we hold are not a product of being force fed, but a product of our own accord. How different would the world be if there were no clergymen? If every single person chose to read the Bible (or other religious texts) themselves, instead of having to go and listen to someone with "spiritual authority" tell them what they should gather. A simple exercise to illustrate this point is to read a transcript from a news analysis show, and then actually watch the show. Upon reading the transcript, one projects their own thoughts and images, their own ideas, and ultimately, deduces one's own analysis because those words being read are being read based on personal experience, based on everything else that's been read. However, when one listens to the program itself, they are unconsciously forced to feel what the analyst feels. We are ultimately empathetic creatures, and the nuances and subtleties of someone talking effects our thinking. The inflection in a person's voice, and where they emphasize their points will differ if one reads a transcript. Even if the program holds views completely opposite, watching it is very different from reading it, and finding holes in the reasoning. It becomes easier to look at things objectively, and avoid being influenced by the emotional inflection of someone's voice.

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