Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Fascist Wolf and his Democratic Disguise

Now that George Bush has placed one of his puppeteers in charge of the World Bank, Tyranny has become absolute.

For the last 5 years, the Executive Branch of the United States has become hostage to the Neo-Conservatives and their reprehensible agendas. One of the main pseudo-intellectuals in charge of developing this Neo-Conservative Ideology has been Paul ”comb licker" Wolfowitz. Behind any of the major Tyrannical plans that have recently been implemented, such as the Invasion of Iraq, Axis of Evil rhetoric, the Patriot Act, and the countless hypocritical lies advanced through greed, lust for power, and attempt at the unilateral domination of the global Economy, Wolfowitz has been captaining the helm of the fascist vehicle the world has come to know. Now, Bush has rewarded his chief captain-in-arms to an even more powerful position in charge of World Bank monies and the entrustment of the finances effecting Billions of people worldwide. Thanks in part to the growing strength of the Euro, the weakening of the dollar, and the downward spiral of US debt and economy, the downfall of the US as a world power is eminent. In order to swindle and launder billions of dollars from an organization enshrined to help Developing countries and fight World Poverty and debt, the Neo-conservatives have decided to intervene and funnel funds away from those who disagree with the New-conservative viewpoint. The World Bank also allocates money to the IMF (International Monetary Fund), thereby giving an increase in power and control by those supporting this Tyrannical attempt at a new world order.

In order to fully comprehend the massive impact that Wolfowitz and his Neo-conservatives can have on the world, it is important to look at his track record of lies, deceit, and hypocrisy that has plagued this current administration. As I write this article, Wolfowitz is attempting to convince others of his own benevolence. Perhaps he assumes that most people are either stupid, ignorant, oblivious, forgetful, or too high to learn from previous experiences. Any intelligent creature learns from negative experiences and attempts to prevent those from occurring again. A rat, knowing that receiving a food source will result in electrocution will eventually end up starving in order to avoid the shock it knows to expect. Yet, countless people, through their own ignorance will believe every honey encrusted lie that comes out of a Neo-conservatives mouth. Find yourself disagreeing, and depending on where you live, you are labeled negatively. If one lives in America, attempting to better the political climate, and striving for a time when the resources and power is used efficiently, as well as accountably, they are deemed un-patriotic. Unpatriotism is following a government that is clearly not in the best interest of the people, and only works for greed, corruption, and the domination of the world. The politically charged labels don't stop with domestic criticism, but extend to the foreign arena. When others in the world, look at the Tyrannical Behavior of those few in power, and show it for what it is, they are deemed as unfriendly, anti-democratic, and anti-American. When the powers in charge, affect the lives of others, whether directly or indirectly, they too should have a forum to voice their concerns.

So far, any country that has even remotely succeeded at stifling the unilateral growth and domination attempted by the Neo-conservative movement, has been labeled in a negative light that can be so harsh at times, as though it seems purely evil and vile. When Chavez, the Venezuelan President, decides that US intervention in its own political environment must come to an end, he is labeled a Communist, a hater of Americans, and if left to Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Bush and others, would be assassinated in a heartbeat. It seems as though the Neo-conservatives are achieving their ultimate goal of an Israeli Approach to their opposition. They view any criticism as hateful and take it so personal, that if left totally to their own devices, they would assassinate anybody who questions their goals, and the lies they feed to others. Just as the Israeli Defense Force razes hundreds of homes, considers collateral damage a past-time, and pretty much mirrors the tactics used by Nazis (such as condoning torture, belief in extreme nationalism, and constantly pulling the underdog card at every turn), Neo-Conservatives in turn have adopted many of these strategies to deal with their own "dissidents".

Ignorance has been the single greatest weapon of those imposing Tyrannical rule on a populace. As of today, the countless misinformation that has been obtained by chiefly, the American public is baffling. Ask a cross-sectional group of people if Persians are Arabs, 8 in 10 will agree. Ask another group of people if the majority of Arabs in America are Muslim, and 97 in 100 will agree. Yet, when one takes the time to look at the world objectively, and attempts to shed years of misinformation and all out lies, one can arrive at a better understanding, and perhaps empathies with others.

Some recnt facts that are now widely known (easily suspected beforehand though), which few in the mainstream Media correct, are the following: Iraq never had weapons of mass destruction; Saddam Hussein Never had ties with Osama Bin Laden; The Invasion of Iraq was a technical and logistical gross miscalculation; Much more money has been spent on securing Iraq then ever proposed; More troops were needed then ever originally calculated; and behind all of it, lies one of the main perpetrators -- Paul Wolfowitz. After all this, we are now supposed to trust that this same individual, that cavorts as a patriot, yet swears his allegiance to a foreign country (Israel)? In truth, Neo-conservatives should not be confused with moral and religious people. Moral people do not lie and disseminate misinformation at a rate that would shame the Amazon River. Hiding behind religion and belief in the sanctity of life, they control the agenda of billions of people. How is life supposed to be sacred, when hundres of soldiers, not yet drinking age, die every year (yet, none of these pseudo-intellectuals ever fought in an actual war?), countless innocent lives are lost and maimed from weapons that are produced under this "morally rich government", and capital punishment is a growing industry? How Hypocritical is it to fight for the sanctity of life, opposing abortion and one's right for euthanasia, yet supporting capital punishment, collateral damage, and a war that barely differentiates an innocent civilian from an insurgent?

Wolfowitz, why don't you collect your earnings, obtained through greed and manipulation, and leave the political arena. As for all the other neo-conservatives, you are not patriots, Christians, or Americans; you are part of a Tyrannical machine helmed by greed, power-politics and corruption (If history, or the analysis of politics in history was ever an indicator, few have ears for it). It's not as though the populace was never warned that one of the main pitfalls of Democracy is that it can lead to Tyranny. I am not advocating Communism though, far from it, but treading cautiously through Democracy is important, in order to avoid the pitfalls. For further reading, I suggest looking at a work written 2300 years ago by Plato -- The Republic (Before it's banned for subversion). Some of the material can be so concurrent, one wonders if Plato had psychic powers.

Effective revolution is not through the gun, the Bible, or economics, it's through knowledge. Reduction of ignorance is the greatest tool in one's arsenal against those who seek to control our thoughts (at least, they are ours at the moment). In the end, we are left with only the freedom of our thoughts, which given a cursory glance, may not seem like much, but in the end is far better then full uncontrolled domination.

***UPDATE: 5/17/07 -- Paul Wolfowitz will resign effective June 30th, ending 2 years of cronyism and destruction. Few will be sorry to see this bastard shill of Neo-Conservatives leave.


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