Friday, February 11, 2005

First Iraq, now Iran -- Global Domino game succeeding

Now that the truth has come out regarding the lack of weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq, and the Benefit of all the chaos reaching oil companies, the "Coalition of the Greedy" (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Blair, Howard, etc.) have turned their eyes towards Iran. It's not enough that Iraqi oil is now being exploited, not to mention the Iraqi populace, but that's not nearly enough for the Greedy. Seeking Natural gas, and a government that will bend over to allow itself to be exploited for the benefit of Western Imperialism, the Coalition of the Greedy have decided that Iran's time has come. What does it matter to them, that the current state of affairs in Iran, can directly be attributed to manipulation. When the Shah of Iran was overthrown by the US, and replaced with a weak, pro-Western leader, the resentment built to revolutionary levels. Ayatollah Khomeini took advantage of the growing dissatisfaction, and ever since, Iran has been dominated by religious clerics. What was meant to be a grand scheme of exploitation backfired, and now, thanks to the added push by Israel, Iran is in the crosshairs. The Domino effect does not end with Iran -- Syria and Lebanon are also on the agenda. There are three main reasons why such bold and reckless behavior, endangering the world, and driving us to the brink of WWIII, is being practiced. First, the ever expanding need for resources by a machine exploiting capital and resources from nations that cannot defend themselves is applied as though generously painting a house. Second, the security of Israel, thanks to their influence in Western Politics. As soon as one reveals the global dominance that Israel has, they are branded anti-Semitic and a threat to peace. Yet, the truth is in front of everyone's eyes. With Israel claiming that Iraq is just the first to fall, and Iran, Syria, as well as Lebanon are also on the agenda (as long as it's American troops, and American youth that have to die), is not only criminal, but extremely reckless. It seems at times, that they are forever inviting conflict, but it's no surprise that a fascist state must be run as a war machine. Ever expanding borders, claiming to be defending their territory, using the resources of others for their malicious purposes, is not something that has been buried with Nazi Germany. Israel today is very much like the fascist state that Nazi Germany was. A government that is always militarily ready, thirsts for warfare and conflict, and oppresses minorities is present in this day and age, not to mention the Propaganda that is globally present, showing a picture of peace and stability. The worst part is that most people, being uneducated, believe the lies they are fed, and actually think that every Muslim is waiting to commit Jihad. This is the single greatest propaganda that has befuddled us in this generation. Without knowing any Muslims, many are misled towards a faulty premise. Every group has extremists, whether it's Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, or Hindus. This does not mean that the majority of the people support those views. For those who don't know, the bridge between Greek advances in the sciences to the modern times was bridged by Muslim Arabs. It was the Arabs that translated and preserved many of the documents that the fanatical Christians destroyed during the Middle Ages. Considering all non-Christians as heretics, and their advances as devil's work, science stagnated for centuries in Europe. However, science was advancing in the Arab world. Just because currently, many of the fanatical Muslims seem to adopt non-modern ways of living, does not mean that this will always be the case, or that most progressive Muslims (which are definitely the majority in the world) also believe this. But I digress, the Third reason why the world's being endangered by the war machine I call the "Coalition of the Greedy" is the fanatically conservative belief of those in charge. They, called Born Again Christians, or Right Wingers, believe that they can only be saved spiritually, following extremist Biblical Destiny and Dogma, if they allow Israel to become a powerful state, with control over the Middle East. Thus, with Exploitation of resources, Israel's ability for Propaganda and Fundamentalist belief by the Architects of this Domino effect, the world is rapidly headed towards a very chaotic Epoch.

Going back to Iran, the saber rattling we currently hear, regarding Iran's development of a nuclear program is unbelievably hypocritical. Just because a nation, struggling to incorporate nuclear power as a cleaner and alternative source of energy is marginalized and isolated, does not mean their goals are malevolent. Do Western Imperialists actually expect Iranians to go on burning coal and wood for the rest of this century? And what is wrong in Iran defending themselves (definitely not by Nuclear weapons, which are just a propaganda tool to exploit Iran) from such aggressive neighbors? Iran would not endanger its status with Russia or any of the other economic partners, without a pre-emptive strike first. Now that North Korea publicly admits to having Nuclear Weapons, there is no chance an invasion will take place. Nuclear Weapons are deterrents, and one would be suicidally stupid to invade a country that can defend itself. Knowing that Iraq did not possess any WMD's made the invasion seem that much easier, although with typical lack of foresight, never realizing the fact that the dissatisfied would not fight a direct war, but would blend into the crowd and fight a Guerilla war, as they do now. Guerilla wars have been fought since time immemorial, and for those who have no other option, who can't match troops, or technology, can only retaliate in one way. Sometimes, from a military standpoint, it's better to allow yourself to be captured/occupied, knowing that you can inflict higher casualties later, as time moves on.

In short, all the prodding and forcing that the US and Israel is pushing on Iran will not stop, until the goals of this global domino effect are reached. Having direct control of the Middle East, is just one step towards a larger solution to the global domino players. What does it matter to the power Elite if other's children die for a cause that cannot be ethically justified.
Hopefully things are now clearer, with Fascists and Crusaders presently abound, unilaterally acting on a self-righteous belief in their dominance and superiority. What those people do not realize is that Earth is an extremely small place, and in the long run, their petty grappling over land, and resources means little to the grand scheme of the Universe. They are ants, struggling over ant-hills, without realizing that existence is more then material possession and greed. Stepping outside one's self, and looking at things objectively, with an open mind willing to accept new ideas, flexible enough to embrace that which makes universal sense, should be the ultimate goal, not greed, politics, or power.


sydaus said...

Dont kid yourself! If Iran cared about cleaner energy sources it would remove massive domestic oil n gas subsidies that lead to huge inefficiencies and waste. Also it should dismantle its monopoly on peykan car that only benefit a few high ranking members of regime and allow importation of more fuel efficient cars.
Iran nuclear program is geared towards buying time with denials and bogus excuses while it makes its nuclear weapon capability a fait accompli.
But yes i agree that US has no right to be moral watchdog when it shows no intention of agreeing to completely nuclear weapons free world.
Your rants against Israel r ignorant and mindless therefore deserving no comment.
The only problem i have regarding Israel is its failure to recognise Armenian genocide due to its close relationship with Turkey as well as misplaced fear of it diminishing the importance of their own Jewish holocaust.

AgnosticThought said...

Actually, you cannot dismiss my rants against Israel as ignorant and mindless. You tell me where I'm wrong . As I've stated before, I'd like a frank and earnest discussion, without easily dismissing a subject that has to be addressed. Just because one criticizes Israel, or Israeli tactics (as I often do) does not make one anti-semitic. I can criticize Saudi Arabia for the Human Right's abuses, but you wouldn't actually call me anti-Saudi. As far as I'm concerned, everyone is fair game when you seek the truth.

As for Iran, you quickly forget the lies and distortion we heard about Iraq and their weapons of Mass destruction. Even the UN at some point agreed that Iraq probably had hidden caches (all presented with nice power-point presentations of satellite photos) of weapons, but as we have now come to realize, it was all deceptively wrong. Why would I look at Iran any differently, when I can clearly see the antagonism present. You cannot deny the fact that Israel pushes the US into attacking Iran (as well as Syria and Lebanon), just as it did with Iraq. How is what I'm saying mindless? Would you like me to go through news wires and dig up proof. If you're willing to debate me on this, then I'll gladly provide you further information that even you may not be aware of.
All my rants have one common theme and that is highlighting the unfortunate prevalence of unilateral arrogance.