Sunday, December 28, 2008

American Hypocrites

So, the United States government's official position on the Israeli attack on Gaza that killed over 220 people was to urge Hamas to restrain themselves. Although the apparent cause of the attack was the rocket fire from Gaza that lead to some initial property damage in Israel, Israel's response is clearly excessive, just as Russia's was when Georgian forces opened fire. Yet, the same US government at first urged Russia to show restraint. Clearly, something is skewed when the United States unilaterally supports Israel, regardless of their actions. Clearly, this type of devastation on Gaza was well planned by Israel. What must not be forgotten here is that although there was a cease-fire agreement, and Gaza violated it, Israeli's still control access and water rights through the Gaza strip. With so much economic pressure, the population is starving, while the Western media is barred from ever reporting the willful disregard for human rights. The ultimate issue here is the oppression that Gazan's feel by the heavy handed tactics of the Israeli government. A few tinker-toy rockets are no match for massive military firepower that is paid by American tax-dollars. It is no wonder that the Arab world sees the US as a unilateral bully. Hopefully, the rhetoric under Obamas administration will at least admonish Israel for such actions and appear more balanced. These polarizing world views cannot continue to function in a world that is seeking integration.

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