Friday, March 28, 2008

Republicans are the Borg

While observing the Republican party's PR machine, it's striking that they have developed a system by which they assimilate thoughts and ideas, forming them into a collective, and disseminating their treacherous message to any victim that may fall prey to their arguments. The issues that Republicans stand for may appear morally just on the surface (at least to those with weak minds), but their archaic and aged rhetoric is a result of inherent fears. They fear change that may suddenly take the reasoning abilities of average people to higher levels of cultural and moral development. Without the constraints of religion, the moral and ethical guidelines that we, modern human beings should follow, would come from our biological, evolutionary adapted past. We evolved certain moral sensibilities to function within a small social network. We are no longer small tight-knit clans aiming to expand our territory and adapting the environment to suit our personal needs. We have evolved culturally to a point where millions of people inhabit the same amount of land that perhaps a few clans 10,000 years ago were living. With these added social pressures, constraints, and stresses, we have come to realize that our ethical codes must adapt towards humanism, protection of civil liberties, and the inherent freedom that every single human being should be born with. It's unfortunate that so many people are born into poverty, disease, warfare, and other such malicious environments. These disadvantages may be overcome in isolated instances, but for the most part, many are trapped within their socio-economic bubbles. Of tantamount importance, in order to break free of these chains, is the concept of a thorough early education, and the method of learning involving critical thinking and rationality. The lack of these two factors is a major contributing force towards polarization and the unrestrained tyrannical control of a population. The Republican party's platforms include social restraints, religions indoctrination, polarized populations, and domination through fear, intimidation, and sheer lust for power. The Democratic party certainly has their own demons to fear, but their weakened will, and tolerant behavior towards tyranny is by far the most shameful and disgusting characteristic. It reminds me of Patrick Stewards famous line in Star Trek "First Contact" when speaking of the Borg threat "We've made too many compromises already. Too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!" The parallels between this particular fictional narrative and reality are not that different. We progressives (not singling democrats but all liberal thinkers) are constantly standing down when faced with the Republican rhetoric. They intimidate the populace through fear, and draw anyone who stand in their way as cowards and unpatriotic drolls. They assimilate entire worlds of ideas, and reformulate them to fit within the unsound bounds of their ideologies. The line truly must be drawn within this generation, and we should no longer have to play by their rules. Every time they attack our progressive ideas, we retreat into behavioral modes of niceness. We assume that only through our understanding, patience, and kindess, will their ideas falter. The truth is that we cannot remain in the defensive. We must attack these stupid ideas head-on, without flinching or feelings of remorse. We must take back our sovereignty by abiding to the constitutional framework that changed not only America but the world. We must use our Diplomatic skills cunningly, engage the scientific curiosity of the population, and constantly fight to highlight the benefits of a progressive, rational and reasonable world. The countless issues involving the environment, medicine, disease prevention, poverty, international debt, resource exploitation, political interference through saber rattling and clandestine games, must be brought to the forefront and placed on the collective palate of the American people. We should re-establish a Democracy of the people, not of the powerful lobbyists and corporations. The future of the United States and the World depends on this generation taking a stand against this Borg-like entity of conservatives that manipulate the system to attain new levels of power and influence.

Listen here all you politicians, you lying, cheating, war-mongering, theocratic, tyrannical bastards of all walks of life (yes, this includes you Democrats as well), the time for compromises is at an end. Your time as leaders is going to be over real soon, and you will find a generation of non-compliant Americans fighting your every move. The Borg Menace must be, and will be stopped. You cannot restrain progress, no matter how you try. Your resistance will be futile.

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