Saturday, October 28, 2006

Destructive Puppet Masters

The biggest threat to the United States and the World in general isn't Iran's nuclear ambitions or North Korea's nuclear tests, but a small group of people influencing the most powerful elements in the world from developing a sound strategy for dealing with possibly dangerous nations (aka rogue states).

The poisonous elements currently exercising their will over such a large segment of the world population can generally be categorized as Neo-Fascists. They are willing to risk the annihilation of the world for profit, power, and influence. The worst of the current perpetrators are Zionists, both Jewish and Christian alike. One must ask ones self and others; who has the most to gain in the current state of affairs that we have in the world today? The answer, not surprisingly, are those currently in charge of the United States Government.

As an example of the sheer influence and will bending power that the Neo-Fascists (particularly Zionists) are currently undertaking, one need look no further then the situation with Iran. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, Iran is attempting to develop nuclear technologies, that they insist are for powering nuclear reactors. The West however, believes that Iran is scheming to develop nuclear weapons and threaten the world. Naturally, the truth inevitably falls somewhere in between those two examples. Most disturbingly for the West however, is the fact that a nuclear capable Iran is a dangerous threat to the world; not because they may develop nuclear weapons, but because Iran's economic output and competitive advantage may overshadow the rest of the Middle East. This advancement in Iran's position would reduce the influence that countries such as the United States may have in the region. Thus, instead of developing a strategy with Iran that may avert a potential nuclear crisis, the current US administration, along with its Israeli apologists and backers are engaged in an international game of taunting and infantile behavior. This idiotic strategy of verbal intimidation cannot lead one away from conflict, but instead directly towards it. If the US, Israel, and the rest of the West were serious about disengaging from these dangerous and potentially globally destructive games with Iran, a simple solution would be to open diplomatic channels and dialogue with the current Iranian regime.

The only way diplomacy with Iran will resume under the watch of the current administration is either the people of Iran decide through popular vote to elect a more moderate leader, or the US succeeds in an assassination attempt against Ahmedinajad. In other words, only under a change in Iran's regime will the world be saved from such a dangerous precipice. Such a change in regime cannot be bloodless, and will instead destabilize the entire already precarious region. The reason bilateral diplomatic talks with Iran have not been implemented is because of the Influence that the Neo-Fascists, primarily in this case, the Zionists, have over the administration. Many things could be accomplished if there was dialogue with Iran, yet, just because Iran believes that Israel is not a valid nation, our so called leaders are willing to jeopardize our safety, security and future. If Iran, for example, held the belief that Poland was not a valid nation, there would be some opposition, but not nearly enough to actively obstruct diplomatic channels and avert a potential nuclear crisis. The benefits of engaging with Iran are far more numerous then the drawbacks. By engaging Iran however, the US and especially Israel fear legitimizing the Iranian regime. These fears are unfounded when compared to the potential war that may result. The people of Iran, through popular and democratic vote elected Ahmadinejad as their president. It can be argued that the true leader of Iran is the Ayatollah, yet, the Statesman, and the man most likely to interact diplomatically is Ahmadinejad. In fact, by sending a letter to President Bush, Ahmadinejad extended a bridge of communication which subsequently fell on the deaf ears of the Administration of Incompetence.

Diplomacy with Iran can have many advantages that are being purposely overlooked (to perpetuate worldwide hatred, fear, and subservience). First, having open dialogue would allow for effective nuclear negotiations. Iran can be a stabilizing force in the Middle East, but when pushed and isolated, it can also be extremely disruptive. Therefore, any nuclear talks must directly involve the United States, and must be based on a platform of initial cooperation and trust. Building trust takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, yet the dividends are a stable world, a surging economic market, and an example of cooperation between a polarized world. Second, open talks with Iran will allow for easier withdrawal and stabilization of Iraq. With Iran's and subsequently Syria's influence, Iraq can become peaceful and stable a lot sooner then with brute force and occupational tactics. Finally, the potential economic benefits to establishing relations cannot be overlooked. With Iran's economy improving and providing a valuable addition to the global market, a mutual atmosphere of trust and participation will emerge.

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