Thursday, May 27, 2004

First Blog -- Inquiries into why we exist.

Well, this is my first blog, and I'm finding it difficult to start from a certain organized perspective. I guess what I can do is try to include a little information on my background and perhaps the direction most of my future blogs will go.

I am an Armenian, born in Armenia, but raised in America. I currently reside in the states, but have seen enough of the world to realize how amazing the rest of the world is. Even countries that have been vilified are amazing, with great sights to see, and hospitable people. It is not the fault of the educated populace, if the leaders of their government are mindless morons. I can definitely speak for myself when I say, our leaders have gone insane, correction, they have been born insane, and remain that way. I realize this next paragraph may not be a smooth transition, but like I said, it's my first blog and please bear with the lack of organization.
The world is a very chaotic place, and there are many aspects to the world that are difficult to ascertain. Truth is that which is the most relative of all our notions. One man's truth is another man's lie, and so on and so forth. However, in reality, truth can be absolute when looked at objectively. This by far is the most difficult aspect of our lives, trying to live them according to the absolute truth, and the one that we ourselves have created.
How many truths can we deem absolute. I can think of none, because any truth can be contrary to another person's belief. This in fact is a major problem with our train of thought. Most human beings, especially me, are highly conflicted individuals. We have all seen those cartoons with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other, instead of thinking about this in good-and-bad terms, it's better to think of it as our inner conflict. This conflict however, does not stay contained but spreads to our everyday lives. There are a few people, perhaps many (see, another internal conflict) that don't have this balance. They have absolute resolve, and almost no conflict within themselves. However, I have noticed that the more education and global understanding a person has, the more conflicted they are internally. After a certain point, you just aren't so sure of everything, because the worst thing that can happen, is one becoming ignorant. You can't blame someone for being ignorant if their background and socio-economic situation prevented them from gaining more education and knowledge, but the worst is a person who becomes ignorant, even with all the resources in their disposal.
Now, I realize so far, I have not been very specific with examples and such, but this alas, is the fragment of philosophy in which we speak metaphysically, and in vague terms. I will, in the course of time, reveal a great many truths, but also the conflicts that come with it. People must realize that whatever I may say, or anybody, including the President of the US, or Prime Minister of England, or even Albert Einstein during his heyday may have said, is not absolute. Opinion is just that, absolute. Opinion is not the truth, even if it's taken by some to be just so.
The Bible for example, (I won't play favorites here, or the Quran, or The Talmud, or the Yanas, etc.) is based on mythology and legend. There may be some absolute truth, but it's just a story, a fable, and yet, billions on the planet swear to this. In the case of the Bible, it's mainly Jewish mythology, which in itself is borrowed straight from Mesopotamian Mythology (Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, etc.), but presented as absolute truth. All the concepts are very vague, and yet, it's all based on faith. Faith is all that's required to render a story to be true or false, but this doesn't necessarily make it absolute truth. Nobody knows what the absolute truth is to the nature of the universe, this in itself is why I myself am an Agnostic.
Agnostic is an important word, because although it doesn't describe or categorize me, it does maintain a level of ignorance, but a level that is productive. Perhaps God exists, perhaps he does not, perhaps the universe is single in nature, or found in multiple realms, of for those of you who know the Ekpyrotic theory, the universe may be one of 2, found in a 5 dimensional structure, with branes moving within, and the colliding of which results in the cyclical nature. My point being, there are perhaps millions of theories as to how we are here.
The ultimate question, thus, is how is it possible that we are here, that we exist? We have all thought of it, and I'm sure even our distant ancestors (perhaps proto-humans, such as homo-erectus, or homo-neanderthalis) also thought of their place and their creation in the universe. Since then, the only thing we've come to realize is that the universe has gotten to be a whole lot bigger, and our impact a whole lot smaller in the greater course of things. Back 100,000 years ago, mankind was just leaving Africa, readying themselves, and I'm sure they thought of their immediate surroundings as the universe, created by who knows what kind of mythical being, and supported on any numerous kind of animal, perhaps an elephant's back, or other such notions. As you fast forward 100,000 years, we now know that the universe in itself, is far older then we once even could have imagined, far larger then our imagination can take us, and far more complex, yet far simpler then we can fathom. We are just simple creatures in this ordinary planet, in this ordinary segment of the ordinary galaxy of an extraordinary universe (unless even our universe is just ordinary, which it may just be). So in effect, our existence is what unified all human beings, along with the answer to why we are here. Some may try to rationalize it through religion or spirituality, other's through science, and some even try to find a heterogeneous theory, mixing the two together. Yet, we are all trying to arrive at one point, and that is understanding why we are here. That is why no single person is any more important than another. Yet, we all have our variances, cultural, personal, professional and this adds to quite a colorful world.
In closing, this blog is one that is not a conclusion in itself, but opens up so many modes of inquiry, that it can continue for years to come. The absolute truth to why we are here, is ultimately unknown, and perhaps may never be fully understood. Even the fact that we are here, can be contested, because if you're a nihilist, then you may think, our existence is essentially nothingness, it's just a random virtual illusion to a dead universe (or whatever is the ultimate harbinger of existence). Sometimes, especially if I'm feeling pessimistic, I do think about this particular view, and it has it's benefits and refinement.
Well, don't try to dissect everything in one sitting, and perhaps you can dwell on the existence of the universe, and our place in it, as countless numbers of our forbearers have and yet end up back where you started from.
Through the course of my future blogs, I will try to really be cross cultural, as you may have already guessed, I live in America (thus the fact I don't write in Queen's English, although if this blogs being read after Queen Elizabeth II's death, then you may call in King's English), but I am not just an American, but a person of this planet, a product of this blue-green gem in the middle of this chaos we call a universe. So bear with me, as I try to reach out for whoever may read this, be it Americans, Brits, Russians, Chinese, Armenians, Papua New Guinans, or whoever. This blog will be universal, and as usual, I will try to be my objective self, and like I said earlier, this may not be absolute objectivity, but I will try to reach as close to it as I can, even if it's sprinkled with some subjectivity.

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Great_Sale said...

Amren, i really enjoyed your blog - the intro of it. It is wonderful idea. In fact, you could even write a book. Again, wonderful, very obective and eye-opening in many ways. Good job and wonderful idea to creat such a blog.